Driving around Trollaskagi Peninsula

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We have decided to skip the fast and easy Ring Road – and instead we have opted for the much less travelled road along the coast of the Trollaskagi Peninsula. The drive is much longer than just taking the main road – but it is also very rewarding.

We drive along the coast almost the entire time only rarely do we go a little bit inland. The weather isn’t the best but it is good enough to enjoy the views. And a great thing is we don’t have to share it with anybody. There are only a few other cars driving this road and it seems like most of the people driving are locals and not tourist going sightseeing.

Coastline at the north coast

We stop a few times to take in the view of the coast and the cliffs along the road – and the many birds. The birdlife on Iceland is really amazing during the summer – there is a ton of birds going up here to take advantage of the long days when they are raising their babies.

We have been driving for a while and have reached the northern most point of the peninsula and from here we are making it back south. The drive south along the west coast of the peninsula takes us through a couple of long tunnels. The tunnels are a bit scary since they only got one lane and you have to give way to oncoming traffic. Fortunately we make it through the tunnels with no trouble – the traffic just isn’t that intense here.

We get to one of the few small cities up here – it actually got a fish shop which doubles as a fish and chips shop. The fish and chips are actually pretty good and this is probably the best meal we have had in Iceland outside Reykjavik so far – which really tells you more of the food standard outside Reykjavik.

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