The ferry to Hrisey

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There is a ferry to the small island of Hrisey from the mainland every two hours during the day. The ferry is actually a bit of an experience in itself. The boat is pretty small – which is fine for passenger transport – but this ferry is the lifeline of the island – so it does more than just passenger transport.

The ferry will do all sorts of deliveries to the island – some is pretty basic the pizza shop of the town on the mainland will drop of the pizzas to take to the island. But some deliveries are somewhat bigger. We take the ferry out and it is delayed somewhat because they have to take a large number of tubes to the island for some sort of construction work. It takes a while for the boat captain to operate the small onboard crane to get everything onboard but finally he manages.

When we get back from the island we see how all the cars had arrived on the island. Apparently the passenger ferry also transports cars to the island – of course you need a car in a city where it might take up to 5 minutes to walk from one end to the other. And there is only one city on the island.

The car is taken onboard the ferry using the crane one more time. We were supposed to leave but it is funny just watching the ferry crew in action.

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