Small university city in the north

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We drive up a little road in the far north of Iceland to reach the small town of Holar. The city is small but it used to be an important settlement of the north. The northern bishop of Iceland used to live in this city until the bishopric was abolished. There is a replica of the home of the bishop from the 14th century.

Across from the old building is still a fairly big church considering the small town. The biggest building in the town is a university – I guess most of the people up here must have a relation to the university as a student or a teacher. It is actually surprising to see such a big institution of learning so far from any major settlement.

The church and tower of Holar

Behind the church is an old turf house. It isn’t as interesting as the museum at Glaumbær nearby – but it is free so we look inside. If you never seen a turf house before it is still fun to have a quick look at this one.

There is also a museum of some sort in the city but we decide to skip it and after this really short visit to the city we drive back down from the hill to the coastal road.


      1. It took them 6 hours to get there. They chose that location because of the short flight. I watched my granddaughter all by myself. They wanted to go somewhere not taking 12 hours flight in case I need them.

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      2. You can get an idea if you look at a globe instead of a map. The paralellels are much close the further north you go. So if you go north you save a lot of distance.

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      3. So he choose a place only six hour flight away. But from the northern part of the island it is at least 8 hours drive back to the airport 😁


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