Where the witch got trapped

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The south western edge of the Reykjanes Peninsula is home to a lot of power plants. The area here has a lot of geothermal activities and the power plants take advantage of this to produce cheap energy using the boiling hot water.

Steam coming out of the ground around Gunnuhver

This is probably the geothermal area on Iceland which is closest to the airport but it isn’t on the main high way to Reykjavik and the Golden Circle or the Blue Lagoon which are the main attractions close to the airport. So not many tourists make it out here considering how easy it is to get here.

We drive to the biggest geothermal attraction out here it is a boiling pond called Gunnuhver. According to legend Gunnuhver was a witch who theorized the area for a long time. The locals were scarred of her but couldn’t do anything. Finally a local priest managed to lure Gunnuhver into a pond where she was trapped.

The boiling pond of Gunnuhver

This is how the biggest boiling pond out here got its name – Gunnuhver. We walk out to see the steaming area. The whole area are steaming and smelling a bit like farts. There are warning signs telling visitors to stay on the trails and take care since the area are hot and the earth might be unstable so you could fall into a steaming hole of water if you are not careful.


We enjoy the steaming pond for a while and then we drive out through the small power plants.

A small power plant

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