Wondering sunny Reykjavik

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Flying up to Reykjavik in the spring was a bit of a gamble – you never know what kind of weather you will encounter this far north. Fortunately the weather seemed to be good for the season so when we can go out and wonder around the town enjoying a nice sunny day. Reykjavik might be the biggest city in the country holding most of the population of Iceland – but when Iceland has a population of just a few hundred thousand this doesn’t really make Reykjavik into a giant metropolis. Hence the distance from our hotel to the center is very manageable.

The main church of Reykjavik

Walking through the main street is pretty quiet the buildings are only a couple of stories high and there isn’t much traffic despite it being the main shopping and restaurant street in town. At the end of the street we get to a nice little building which got a prominent location. The building is fairly modest but it is the prime minister’s office. You can see the country is still rather far from the rest of Europe since there isn’t much if any security around the building housing the leader of the country.

From the PMs Office we continue wondering down towards the area with the parliament and further to the city hall which is nicely located right at a big lake which is the home of many ducks and swans. The lake is a nice place to stay for a little while enjoying the sun before heading down to the water which after all is one central part of Iceland given it is founded by Norwegian Vikings sailing in on their boat from Norway before the descendant of the first settlers continued to explore Greenland and North America. Down at the water is some good views of the small mountains which is located on the other side of the water from the central part of the city.

A smaller church in Reykjavik

To end the explorations of the city we decide to head up into the highest location we can find. The tower of the major church of the city. The church is located at a hill in the city and the tower is the highest construction in Reykjavik – hence from the top you can look out over the entire city and enjoy some amazing view of the city and surroundings.

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