Walking the bridge between continents

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The continental divide runs across island and if you travel around the island you will actually be able to walk from the European continental shelf to the American continental shelf. One of those places is on the Reykjanes peninsula.

The Bridge Between continents

There is a small canyon where they have made a little geological park. The canyon is the continental divide and the two sides of the canyon are gradually drifting apart by a speed of 2 centimeters or 1¼ inch. We park the car on the European side of the canyon and then we walk to the bridge which spans the canyon and have been here since 2002 I guess the canyon have grown about 34 centimeters or a bit more than a foot since then but the bridge has survived so far.

Canyon between America and Europe

From the bridge you have a great view of both sides of the canyon. But I guess most people go here not for the view of the canyon but for the opportunity to walk from Europe to American in a matter of less than a minute. It certainly was the reason for us spending the time here to get a picture of the bridge and the continental divide.

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