Walking to the birds

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We stop at the side of the road where there is a little parking area at the trail head to the bird cliffs at Hafnaberg. There is no sign telling the distance to the cliffs and it is hard to tell distances at the strange volcanic landscape of Reykjanes. We just assume it isn’t very far and we start walking.

The landscape here is without any major vegetation which is the case on most of the island. We go through an area dominated by small volcanic rocks and it is fairly flat. It looks like we are almost at the cliffs so we can see the birds.

We keep walking on the criss cross path over the volcanic rocks and it seems like there is still the same distance to the cliffs. After we have walked for much longer than I had expected and still not reach the cliffs it kind become more of a matter of principal to make it to the cliff than a short stroll along the way.

Finally we reach the cliffs. There is a pretty good view from here – but there aren’t quite as many birds on the cliffs as I had expected. There are a few but they are pretty far away and we can’t get to a good position where we can observe at a reasonable short distance. It looks like there are a few auks of some sort and some gulls are lying on their stony nest.

There doesn’t seem to spend that much time walking along the cliffs so we decide to head back towards the car. It is another long walk before we reach the car. Along the way back we stop and enjoy a few of the flowers who enjoy the summer in Iceland. Apparently there is a heat wave hitting Iceland for the moment with record temperatures in the high teens.

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