Exploring Iceland off the beaten path

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Most people arrive in Iceland at Keflavik Airport and then the first thing they do is to jump on the airport bus to Reykjavik. We have tried this approached before so this time around we will do it a bit differently. We will actually explore the area around the airport a bit.

New lighthouse of Gardor

Surprisingly there is actually something to see close to the airport and hardly any tourist out here because they have all left for Reykjavik or the Golden Circle.

Houses next to the light house of Gardur

We get a shuttle to the place where we will collect our rental car for the journey around the island. We get a small Suzuki Jimny 4×4 – it is small, old and as we will soon realize very noisy. But it has the advantage it is allowed to go on most of the roads on the island including some marked as highland roads where you are not allowed to bring a standard rental car.

We start driving from the airport and we take the road west away from the capital and towards the end of the small Reykjanes Peninsula. We reach the north western point of the peninsula where there is an old light house. There are some birds in the area so we stop for a while and try to do some birding. The birdlife isn’t overly impressive so we don’t spend a lot of time watching the birds. Instead we try to look for lunch.

Harbor in Sandgerdi

There is a restaurant in a fairly big building – and there is a sign with lights which sort of indicate the restaurant is open for business. Unfortunately the door doesn’t seem to agree with the open sign – it is locked and there seems to be no sign of life inside the restaurant. There are a café at the light house – so we go there instead hoping it will be open for business. Once again we are disappointed and we just give up walk back to the car and drive away.

Traditional church on the country side

We drive along the small highway until we reach Sandgerdi. In this village there is a small restaurant called Vitinn which serves mainly seafood. According to lonely planet it is not to be missed. We tend not to really agree with this review in Lonely Planet since we didn’t really find the meal memorable but at least it fills us up and it was good to have a little break to relax as well considering we have been up pretty early to catch the morning flight from Copenhagen.

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