Oluf-Samson Gang old red light district

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Flensburg got several old nice buildings. One of the most interesting streets is the old Oluf-Samson Gang which connects the harbor front with the main street of Nordstrasse. The position dawn at the harbor made this a center of the entertainment district of Flensburg in the old days. The old sailors went here to get attention after their time at sea so this was the home of the red light district of Flensburg.

The street leading down to the harbor

Today there is no sign the street being home to the ladies of the night. Instead it is a nice cobbles stoned street with some old houses on each side of the street. The houses have some flowers outside tall traditional roses which are so often seen in old Danish towns.

The houses have a special little construction on the roof of the house which was clearly used to drag supplies. So when they got their supplies down at the harbor it could just be taken up the street and then lifted to the roof and be used in the coming time.

At one of the houses still have the old pulley system hanging from the roof so you can see how it was used in the old days.

Pulley at a house in Oluf-Samson Gang

The street is nice Small Street and it is certainly a place to go and wonder through during a visit to Flensburg.

House down close to the harbor

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