Braasch rum and museum

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Flensburg was an important harbor city in Denmark during the 18th and early parts of the 19th century – it was second only to Copenhagen. The trade flourished mainly with the Danish West Indies colonies. Sugar was pouring into Flensburg and it was transformed into the most famous sugary based liquid – rum.

Map of Denmark and the sugar trade routes

Apparently the city is still occasionally talked about as Rumstadt – or rum city. When you walk around the old parts of Flensburg you will notice several shops selling rum and you will have a chance to buy some to bring home after your visit – just remember to do it on a Saturday and not on a Sunday since the German shops are really all closed on a Sunday.

Distilations equipment at Braasch museum

If you want to learn a little about the history of rum production you can go to visit the Rum and wine shop Braasch which has a small museum located in the back. The shop is located in the pretty Rotes Strasse which is one of the most scenic streets in all of old town Flensburg so you should will probably be heading to the house during your sightseeing.

Rum bottles at Braasch museum

The museum has a few explanations though in German only. But even if you don’t read German you should be able to guess more or less how the different boilers were used. And there are also a bit of old bottles on display.

Rum bottles at Braasch museum

After the visit you can go to the shop where you can get a free sample of rum – but you might have to be pretty patient since they don’t seem to be super-fast with the free samples more focusing on the main business of the shop – selling rum.

Barrels at the Braasch museum

Even though I missed out on the rum I still think it is a nice little spot to go and see since the house is old and interesting and there is some information about the history of rum production.

Courtyard of the museum

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