Returning to the airport

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We have finished our explorations of the small islands in the north Atlantic and now it is time to go back to the airport. We cross back through the underwater tunnel to the airport island of Vagar to go to the airport of the same name.

Vagar airport in the middle of nowhere

It is time for an early dinner before we go onboard the plane – but unfortunately we have left Torshavn behind which mean we have left most of the restaurants on the Faroe Island behind as well. There really isn’t a lot to choose from on Vagar. There is a small village close to the airport which has a couple of restaurants – but they are closed on Mondays which make them pretty much useless for us. There is nothing in Sørvagur not even a small fast food joint of some sort serving some sort of fast-food.

The big big big Vagar airport

I guess we are not the only people with this problem – so we go to the airport and next to the airport are the main hotel on Vagar – it just might be the biggest hotel outside Torshavn. And they do have a restaurant with a decent menu. So we get to the hotel and enjoy a quick dinner with a view away from the airport out across the green grass of the Faroe Islands which we have been so used to seeing these last few days – fortunately it is a sunny evening so the view is prettier than it would be on a normal day on the islands where the weather is usually cloudy or foggy.

Vagar airport hotel

After dinner we go across the road to the small parking lot next to the airport. There we leave the car with the same big scratch it had the day we picked it up. I take a few pictures of the car to have some sort of documentation of the how I left the car behind and then we head for the airport to fly home.

The old damage to the rental car

A few days later the car rental company send an email saying I have made a damage to the car demanding I pay 9,000 DKK or 1,200€ . I refuse since I didn’t make the damage to the car and fortunately had taken a photo of the damage when I got the car. I write back and say I refuse to pay. They still send me a new notice to pay the damage – but I complain and the manage claim it was an error due to the fact they had a new invoicing system sending out automated invoices – yeah right I think they just do like this in the hope somebody will pay them money they are not due.

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