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This charming restaurant located in the old part of historical building Torshavn city, mark with its traditional Faroe Island green roof house covered with sod on top.  The restaurant website claimed to be the most authentic local food in the island, specialising in lamb and seafood, so we were eager to sample the food.

Inside Aarstova restaurant

The place inside was very cosy with its unique design and architecture.  It was packed with dinners when we were there, and the service was okay.

Inside the restaurant

There were only 2 menus to choose from: 3 courses or 5 courses menu.  As you already know.. both of us were greedy when talking about food so we definitely choose the 5 courses menu.

Salmon as starter

While waiting for our food, we admire the surrounding and the food at our next table.  OMG, most of the table order the lamb shoulder and we were wonder if we could eat those huge lamb shoulder.  I was salivating just looking at the crispy skin of the lamb.

Luckily the staff bring some bread for us and we savour it quickly since both of us were hungry after exploring the villages outside the city.  It takes awhile for the food to arrive, but luckily all the food was great and we enjoyed the meals – minus the big lamb shoulder. Next time if we go back there, we shall have the 3 courses menu since the meat is huge than the small rack of lamb we had.

I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are in Faroe Islands.

Gongin 1
FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

+298 333000


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