Rocking stones

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When driving around the different islands on the Faroe Island it doesn’t take long before you get really out on the country side. We drive from the small town of Gjogv and from here there is only a pretty small road – we go along the small road and drive across a hill. There is a nice view from the green hills down to the ocean below. When we drive along the road there is no human in sight the only mammals is a large number of sheep’s roaming freely up here. For some reason they don’t seem to cut the wool off the sheep’s so they are all pretty long haired.

After crossing the small mountain we arrive down at another fjord. From here we have to go down south along the fjord. As we go south we can enjoy the view of the grass on the other side of the fjord. When we reach the small town of Funningsfjørdur we turn around following the fjord north and enjoy the view of the green grass on the other side of the fjord.

We reach the end of yet another road and here is a small town. The town has known better days – and today it is quickly becoming a ghost town. Supposedly there are only 17 inhabitants left and judging by the number of houses that would leave about a handful of houses per inhabitant.

We have a quick look around the little village at the water and then we drive back along the fjord. The downside to the quite one-way dead-end roads is you frequently will have to double back along the same track you came along.

The rocking stones in Oyndarfjørdur

We take another one-way dead-end road and get to the small village of Oyndarfjørdur. The main attraction in this little village is the two big rocking stones which is somewhere down at the water. As we arrive at the city there is a sign for the stone to the left. I follow the road to the left and then get to a harbor. But the stones are not down at the harbor area. I can’t find the stones and have to ask some of the locals about the location. It turns out the sign at the entrance to the village wasn’t for cars but for pedestrians who can follow a short trail down to the water.

Down at the water are some big stones. Supposedly two of the stones are rocking. As the waves moves up and down the stones might be moving a bit – but I am not sure if the stones are moving or it is just an optical illusion. I give up watching the stones and just take a photo of the main attraction of the village and then we drive away.


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