Small canyon at the end of the road

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I knew the weather on the Faroe Island has a tendency to be windy, rainy and foggy – and we had it all in the morning in the Thorshavn. What I didn’t realize was have much the weather varies across the islands despite the distances are small. When started the day in Thorshavn the fog was thick and visibility was poor – but when we got up to the northern end of Eysturoy weather had improved. The fog was gone but it was still overcast – fortunately it stays dry.

There isn’t a lot of cities up on the northern end of the island – actually the few settlements up here really doesn’t qualify for the name city – it is only small villages. Even with the limited population they have actually build some decent roads up here. There is a few roads connecting the small towns with the main road but there is also a small seal road leading from one tiny village to another small village across the mountains.

We take the short cut on the mountain road which seems like it is primarily used by the tourist going to this part of the islands during the summer time – the cars we meet clearly look like they are out sightseeing stopping at random spots to try and take photos of the view or the many sheep’s which roams freely in the hills.

We arrive at the small town of Gjogv which is a small town at the end of the road at the sea. The town supposedly has been able to sell several new lots to build new houses used as summer cottages by people of the Faroe Islands. The location is nice and you might be able to go on hikes in the hills behind the town – but even though it is located right at the water edge I would recommend trying to go swimming in the North Atlantic Ocean which will remain frigid even during the summer.

The houses in Gjogv spread along a small stream

The main attraction in the small town is a canyon down at the water. It is a nice little canyon to go and watch. At the end of the canyon is a small bench. I didn’t realize it when I saw the bench – but apparently this small bench is the Faroese version of the bench in front of Taj Mahal where the famous photo of Princes Di was taking sitting in front of the Taj Mahal. The bench here is called Mary’s bench named after the Crown Princess of Denmark who sat on the bench during her visit with the Crown Prince in 2005.

Looking along the canyon to the sea in Gjogv

Unfortunately I didn’t realize this small bench was a very famous attraction of the city so I didn’t take a photo of the bench or the plague which supposedly is on the bench marking the historic event of the village. So I am unable to show what it look like – but it isn’t a very noticeable bench it just look like an ordinary park bench.

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