Road block in the south

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We leave the rocking stones behind and drive towards the south to finish our exploration of the southern part of Eystroy. The southern part of the island has more villages than the north – but the number of inhabitants is still pretty limited down here so the roads are quite and we can enjoy the view of the island and the water surrounding the island.

The view is nice over the grassy hills and towards the water around the island. But I can’t help feeling this southern part of the island isn’t quite as charming as the northern part of the island. The villages here haven’t got quite the same charm as the villages in the north.

But even though this is the most populated part of the island we still get to feel the local farm life when a flock of geese suddenly decide it is time to walk all over the road just as we try to drive pass them to Runavik. Fortunately the geese decide to give way so we can pass by along the main highway.

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