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There is only one airport on the Faroe Islands. So unless you arrive by the weekly ferry from Denmark or Iceland you will probably arrive on Vagar Island. Hence most of the tourists visiting the islands have to go and visit this island before they can make it to the other islands.

We came by plane so we arrive at the small airport on Vagar and we start our exploration of the islands from here. We start out by taking the small road going to Gasadalur – it was a nice road which gave a good introduction to the islands. It is a one way road up there so we had to double back along the same road going to the airport. So after a couple of hours we still haven’t left the airport area.

Small boat out at sea being followed seaguels

From the airport we drive along the main road on the island – it is pretty easy to navigate these islands. There is usually just one road to choose from so despite our GPS wasn’t working up here we could still find our away around.

Lake up in the mountains close to the airport

A little after the airport we come to one of the biggest lakes on the Faroe Islands. Around the lake are some small hills leading down to the hill so the landscape around the lake is similar to the hills leading down to the ocean – I guess the main difference is the waves on the lake will be a lot smaller than the waves which might occasionally hit the shore from the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Run down stone buildings down at the lake

Along the lake are some old stone buildings – most of them has fallen apart but some do have a grassy roof. So I guess this is what these sheds has all looked like when they were originally build. I am not sure what these buildings is used for – they are too small to be used as human habitation so they might have been used as shelters for sheep’s or storage of some sort.

A small harbor in a village on Vagar Island

As we drive along the road there are a few small villages. There isn’t much on this island which we noticed when we returned a few days later searching for a place to have dinner before flying back home. There aren’t a lot of options on Vagar and many of the restaurants will only be open on certain days of the week.

We have driven all the way along the main road on Vagar. Now we have reached the point where we enter the main tunnel. The Faroe Islands got many major tunnels and this one goes down under the Atlantic Ocean and come up a few kilometers later arriving on the next island. The two underwater tunnels are of excellent quality – but unfortunately a return trip cost 100 DKK or about 15 USD or 13.5€. The price is high enough for us to limit the times we travel through the tunnel so we won’t go back to Vagar again before we have to fly out.

The main church in Søvagur. The village close to the airport


  1. Sounds like an easy pleasant drive to Gasadalur. Always nice to have a one-way road to where you want to go so chance are you won’t get lost. Sometimes a small town or island does only have limited options for food. Hope you found some decent food there 🙂

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