Iguanas in the middle of Guayaquil

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We thought we had left the wildlife behind when we left from the Galapagos Islands and arrived in the large city of Guayaquil. But right here in the center of the city we find a lot of large land iguanas in Parque Bolivar which is also known as Parque Seminario.

Bird and iguana in Parque Bolivar

Parque Bolivar is a fairly small park – but despite the small area of the park there are a huge number of pretty big land iguanas inside the park. There are so many iguanas inside the park – so it isn’t a problem spotting them – it is more of a problem not stepping on them by accident.

A lot of large iguanas eating in Parque Bolivar

The park is pretty small – so it can’t naturally sustain that many iguanas naturally. But the local government seems to be feeding them with quite generous servings of different salads and vegetables. So the iguanas seem to be happy and well fed – and the local birds seem to be happy to get a free meal as well.

The park is free and fortunately it was really close to our hotel so it was virtually just a walk across the street. I think the park is one of the highlights of the center of Guayaquil and very easy to go and visit for a short while if you are in the city. The park is also close to other attractions of the down town area so it can be combined with other spots in the city.

Head of iguana in Parque Bolivar


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