El Malecon – the waterfront

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One of the nicest areas of Guayaquil is El Malecon which is a 2.5 kilometer long stretch of pedestrian walking area down at the water at the central part of Guayaquil. The area is fenced and it is policed regularly which make it one of the safest areas of the city and a good place to go and walk and relax and enjoy the view of the water and the many small green areas.

When we walk along the water there are nice view of the river area and some hills in the distance. There are also some water birds living down at the water edge. It is always nice to see some herons and the like within an urban area. It gives the impression there is a fairly good water environment next to the city with some fish able to live next to the town.

Along the promenade there are some places with some statues and there is a historic train car and down at the water is an old sailing ship.

There are also several small green areas along the Malecon where there are some small lakes with a few duck enjoying the water. The small parks are looks very fertile helped by the tropical climate of the city. All in all we had a nice relaxing walk along the water side in the city.


    1. I have been to others as well. Not the one in Cadiz but I think we stayed a few days on the Malecon in Havana a few years back. Was a nice location with the old cars driving pass just beneath the balcony.

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      1. I am not sure how much has changed on the Havana Malecon since then. It seems like it is a bit frozen in time from before the Castro takeover. The cars for sure date to back then.


      2. Will go to Cadiz on my next visit to Andalucia. We decided to skip it and go to Gibraltar last time around. We were running out of time so there wasn’t time to both and I wanted to see the rock.

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      3. Ok – hopefully it will have cooled down by then. It has been a hot summer so far down there. Unfortunately we only have a single weekend trip in Denmark coming up for the coming months. The rest of the time will be all work and no play.


      4. That maybe – I find when temperature hit the mid 40s (think it is 110s F) it is just too hot to do anything physical during the day untill the temperaure fall a bit again.

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      5. they have AC and unless you are out all day its ok, I still have family in Aluche,district of Madrid no problems. And as I come from tropical countries and regions of the world where the temp went over 100F is no problem. I do not like snow for instance.

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      6. I can live with 100F – but if it goes above 110F like it did this summer in parts of Spain it gets too much for me 🙂 I guess if you are visiting family and stay indoors and only comes out at night it is fine – but not good for going out sightseeing.

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      7. hmm I guess I prefer more of a temperate climate than that. I am not a big fan of Cold weather either. I guess I am difficult that way. But anything between 20 and 35 is fine by me. Unless you get crazy humidity then even 30 can feel very hot.

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      8. No there is always something wrong at some times. Even here in Denmark it has been hot the last few days. And nobody has aircon so our nice and comfortable sleeping temperature at night in the bedroom has been pushing 80F.


  1. Ha ha! I thought you were in Cuba from the title of your post! I see you’ve been there as well. Interesting country. I’m glad I went when I did… c. 2004 if memory serves.

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