Snorkeling at the far away bay

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We have been exploring most of what is easily accessible from Puerto Baqueriza Moreno except a bay on the other side of a hill called Cerro de las Tijeretas which apparently translate into frigate bird hill if you haven’t seen this bird before you might have your chance right here. When we cross the hill and go down on the other side there is a small bay called Las Tijeretas. The bay is a nice sheltered place so it is pretty good for a last snorkeling trip on the island.

From the top of the hill there is a good view of a distant rock called Kicker Rock which is one of the most famous rocks on Isla San Cristobal. Apparently there is good snorkeling and diving out there – but after my unfortunate diving experience at North Seymour Island I am not risking diving in the cold water anymore around here. But the view of the rock is amazing.

Down below at the bay the water is slightly warmer than other places thanks to the sheltered conditions which tend to warm up the water a bit. But it isn’t a place to go snorkeling for longer without a wetsuit in my opinion – though I do spot some people snorkeling in their swimsuit. I don’t think they stay very long in the water and I can manage to stay longer with some protection.

A fast sea lion swimming at Cerro de las Tijeretas

The water is fairly clear so we manage to spot some fish around in the bay. There aren’t a lot of sea lions around here – but they are present and I do get a single shot of one swimming quickly by and disappearing in the distance in seconds.

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