Captain sea lion onboard

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One of the great things around Galapagos is just to go down to the water and look at the birds and sea lions. They are bound to do something which can entertain you.

Sea lion boarding small boat in the harbor

We are watching the small boats in the harbor of Puerto Baqueriza Moreno. There are a few sea lions swimming around the boats and suddenly one gets very interested in one of the boats.

The sea lion wants to find a place to lie down and rest for a while. You would assume the natural option was just to go to one of the rocks at the beach or the sand on the beach itself. But this sea lion has other ideas.

Yes I see you taking pictures of me

The sea lion wants to get onboard the small boat. It make an effort to go up – and after a couple of tries it manages to hold on to the boat and from there it can pull itself up to the deck of the boat.

Sea lion looking down on sea lion looking up

When the sea lion is finally onboard the boat it seems happy and can rest at the front of the boat. Hopefully the owner of the boat will not come anytime soon so the sea lion can get its nap.

Finally got the perfect position

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