Playa Mann – the main beach of the town

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When the locals want to go to the beach from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno they just go down to Playa Mann which is in the outskirt of the center of the small town. The beach is pretty small so this is probably the only beach in Galapagos where it almost feel crowded – it isn’t anything like the beaches of southern Europe but there are several people on the beach during the day.

But even at this most crowded of beaches humans haven’t got the beach to themselves – they have to share it with a fairly large number of sea lions which occasionally will outnumber the human visitors to the beach even during the day.

Sharing the beach at Playa Mann

So if you have dreamt of swimming with sea lions this is one of the best places in the world to go into the water with a sea lion. They were swimming around – but they moved fast so it will be more like seeing a sea lion passing you quickly by in the water than swimming next to it.

The beach also meant there were dust and water – which the local birds took full advantage of. There was a small Darwin finch which decided it was about time to go and get a decent dust bath at the edge of the beach. Another small finch took advantage of a water tap to try to get a quick drink of water in the dry condition of the town.

Darwin finch looking for a drink at Playa Mann


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