Feeding frenzy

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We walk along the beach around James on Satiago Island at the Galapagos. There are a lot to see along the beach. There obviously is the wildlife which is the main attractions here but there is some nice landscape as well to look at as we walk along the beach.

There some nice rocks along the shore and obviously there are bird hanging out on some of them and we can see the shore line of the other side of the bay in the distance.

There are a lot of marine iguanas sunning themselves on the beach while they wait for a chance to go down under and get another bite of algae on the rocks of the area.

On some of the cliffs there are a little blow hole which we can stop and observe for a while watching the water go up and down with each passing wave. The water comes up high in the hole but it doesn’t blow up above the edge of the hole.

The cliffs at the beach

As we walk further down the beach we see a lot of birds. I guess the birds have spotted a lot of fish close to the shore – because the birds are going crazy. They just fly in a huge flock and then they dive down to try to catch their dinner for the night.

feeding frenzy before sunset

It is a great mix of different birds taking part in this feeding frenzy – there are terns, blue footed boobies and pelicans. All go diving down into the water at different places and the pelicans form a circle so they can scoop up the fish in there oversized beaks.

Pelicans fishing

It is fun to watch the birds going crazy but unfortunately it is getting dark soon and apparently we are not allowed to be on shore after sunset – it is some sort of national park regulation. So the boats are coming to pick us up and ferry us back to the cruise ship for the dinner.


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