Snorkeling in the evening

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We get on land at James on the island of Santiago. We are heading for land and then we can go snorkeling for a bit in the shallow water around the island.

Sea lion walking on the beach

We head to the shore to go snorkeling and obviously there is a few sea lions hanging around before we manage to get into the water.

Fortunately we have some fairly thick wet suit on so we hopefully can handle the cold water of the islands. And here on the surface of the water the temperature actually get a bit higher – maybe all the way up around 20 degrees which is almost enough to consider swimming in the water without a wetsuit.

Puffer fish

There are some fish around in this area but I am not overly impressed with today’s snorkeling. There is a few different fish but I have had better other places. The big draw of today’s snorkel was the change to snorkel with a sea lion. Unfortunately the sea lions didn’t really want to go out and greet the snorkelers so I didn’t get to snorkel with a sea lion this time around.


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