Heading to Buccaneer Cove

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We are now starting the cruise for real with the first morning onboard. The cruise isn’t all that relaxing as you might have expected. The wakeup call is at 7 in the morning and breakfast is served from 7.15 and we will depart the ship at 8.15 to go for a sail along the shore to try to spot some birds and sea lions here.

We leave the ship and take the small boats to sail along the coast. Here is a selection of birds on the scenic rocks along the coast. There are some blue footed boobies on the rocks and we get pretty close in the small boat without the boobies being spooked. The birds here really don’t move just because humans come close they will expect the humans to walk around them instead.

Boobie sitting on the cliffs at Buccaneer Cove

We spot some gulls with nest and eggs on the cliff. I am not sure what it is could be a brown noddy. There are a few here along this little stretch of the coast. There is also a selection of pelicans getting ready to face the day fixing their feathers.

Gull sitting with and egg at Buccaneer Cove

Obviously no daytrip around the Galapagos is complete without spotting a few sea lions and the cute playful animals and off course there are some sea lions resting at the rocks around the shore of the island.

Sea lion coming back from a morning swim

The main attraction this morning isn’t he sea lions – not that they aren’t a joy to watch – they always are. No it is just their distant cousins the fur seal is hanging out here as well. And this is the first fur seal we see on the Galapagos so it is more interesting to spot these seal – despite the fact they are not doing much just lying on the cliff and they are actually further away than the sea lions.

Fur seals sleeping in the morning

After the visit to the fur seals we head back towards the ship. There are more blue footed boobies on the way to the ship and then we get back onboard. There is just enough time to get sort in the cabin before lunch and then we can enjoy another great meal onboard the boat.

After the lunch there finally is a full hour and a half to do not much since the ship is moving to the next destination where we will go and explore again for the afternoon.


    1. At least i got the brown noddy part right 😉 I saw a list of gulls and terns and the only one which wasn’t clearly marked as a gull or a tern was this one. So i just guess – thinking it looked more like a gull than a tern.

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