The small rabid island

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We start the day early once again. During the night we have sail a bit from the western end of Santiago to a small island right south of Santiago. We go into the small boats to reach the shore of the island of Rabida. The island has gone through a restoration period where they shot all the feral goats on the island so the original wildlife would be able to flourish once again.

Three sea lions relaxing on the beach of Rabida

And apparently the work with the eradication of the goats has helped the original finches and geckos come back in higher numbers. So we can go and look for different geckos and birds here. One of the birds we should be able to see here would be the flamingo – but there are no flamingos to be spotted today.

Must stay 2 meters away at all times

The landscape of the island is quite beautiful so we can enjoy the islands landscape in addition to looking at the birds and reptiles.

The first animal we spot right at the beach is the sea lion – they just seem to be everywhere here so every time we head to a beach there seems to be some of these lovely sea lions.

We spot several finches hanging around on the ground and in the small bushes around the island. It is always lovely to see some of these small birds when you go around the islands.

A couple of Oyster catchers standing at the lake

We also manage to see some of the smaller geckos around the island and a dove hiding in the tall grass. And right down at the water is a couple of oyster catchers standing and hanging around at a small lake.


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