The big holes

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Driving up towards the highlands we reach a check point where we actually have to put down in the visitor log which part of the highlands we plane to explore. We just put down one of the places we are going but if figure it should be all right.

The wet highland give rise to a lot of moss on the trees

Driving up the road from the sea level to the high lands the vegetation change a lot. Down at the sea level there isn’t much green growth around – as we drive up the hill the vegetation becomes lusher and when getting up to around 600 meters above sea level there is many trees around. It is up here we reach our first stop of the day.

Massive sink hole at the highlands of Santa Cruz at Los Gemelos

We stop at the side of the road and walk along a short path to a big hole. On a volcanic island you could assume it was a volcanic crater but it is in fact a sink hole. Supposedly there is a lot of birdlife around the top of the sink hole but we don’t see much of in the way of birds. We walk some of the way around the hole before we go back across the road. Since on the other side of the road there is a twin of the first hole. It looks fairly similar when it comes to the vegetation and the view of the hole.

The holes are fun to look at but it doesn’t take long to explore them – and then we are on the road again to head to the next stop of the day.

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