Good morning mr sealion

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After getting in the morning it is time to search for something to eat for breakfast. It is possible to eat at the hotel which serves breakfast in the restaurant but we decide to head out and search for some food. We manage to find a small local restaurant serving breakfast in a small restaurant. There are two people cooking the breakfast for the big crowd – which is consisting of an astonishing two guest having breakfast. You should assume it would be quick when there is a ratio of one cook per guest – but the concept of fast food hasn’t really reach the Galapagos which is  zone free of all the well-known American fast food chains which has made their mark on most of the rest of the world.

Marine iguana sitting at a rock in the early morning sun in Puerto Ayora

Finally the breakfast arrives and we can fill the stomach before looking more at the city. We head down to the small harbor area. There is a bunch of marine iguanas down there basking in the morning sun warming up for a day of eating algae down in the water. We are looking at the iguanas and hear a noise which must come from a sealion – we can’t really see any sealions but we walk towards the sound and spot a couple swimming in the water along with more marine iguanas warming up in the morning sun.

Marine iguana sitting on a rock near the water enjoying the morning sun

After spotting the sealions in the water we head down to the fish market to see if there is anything going on down there. And of course there are a bunch of hungry costumers waiting patiently for a bit of fish to eat. One of them get a large piece of fish carcass and suddenly the slow sealion moves very quickly bringing the fish carcass to the water swimming around doing violent moves trying to break the carcass down into small bites which it can actually swallow. It makes quick progress and gets its breakfast.

After looking at the activity at the fish market we head back to the hotel to get ready for a daytrip to the highlands. We just need to organize a taxi to take us there. It isn’t difficult to organize the taxi since a pick up taxi is coming down the street just as we walk out of the hotel. We agree on a price which seems reasonable for visiting three places for half a day and off we go to the highlands.

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