Lava tunnel

Surviving underground

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We head from one hole to another hole – but this time we walk down the hole which actually leads to a 2 kilometer long lava tunnel. Our taxi driver walks down the hole with us and then tells us he will drive to the other end of the tunnel and pick us up there.

Yunni in lave tunnel at the highlands of Santa Cruz

It seems like a good idea to walk down through the tunnel and look at the environment. There is light in the tunnel so it should be a problem even though we didn’t bring a torch. After a bit I start wondering about the wisdom in trusting Ecuadorian electrical supple in a long underground tunnel – but by this stage we are already pretty far inside the tunnel and if it wasn’t for the artificial electrical light we would be in total darkness. So we continue walking along the tunnel. The tunnel is pretty big so it is possible to walk upright without any trouble. But suddenly we get to a spot where there is a bit of an obstruction in the tunnel so we have to get down on hands and knees to try to pass under the low part of the tunnel. It isn’t comfortable even if you are of local size and when you are a fully grown man of European descent the pass through is uncomfortably low – but I get through no problem and fortunately there aren’t more obstructions of this sort so we can walk to the other end upright.

Fortunately the Ecuadorian electrical system survives for our walk through and we get to the other end where we get stuck since a large American group of tourist is making their way down the tunnel. They walk slowly – partly because a girl with a broken leg has to walk down the steep stair leading down the tunnel – good luck to her trying to make it to the other end – not gonna happen. Finally the congestion disappears and we make it back up to our driver who is waiting up the stair.

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