Welcome to the world of Darwin

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After a couple of hours flying we finally get to our destination. The enchanted islands – the Galapagos. The home of some of the most amazing and unique wildlife in the world. Before getting into the islands we have to go through sort of an immigration control even though we arrive on a domestic flight. We have to pay 100 usd to get the entry permit to stay at the national park and then we can get in to the arrival area where our bags arrived – fortunately Latam is a bit more reliable when it comes to baggage handling than KLM.

We get out of the airport and we rush to a free shuttle bus which is waiting in front of the airport. There is only a couple of seats left in the bus but we get to sit down for the short ride across Baltra Island to a ferry which will carry us across a small crossing to the bigger Santa Cruz Island. We get out of the bus and find our bags and then we head down to the ferry. Where we get the last two seats on the boat – we are on roll today getting the last seat not having to wait for the next departure. Across the water we get out from the ferry and we rush to a local bus which is waiting to fill up with passengers. There are only two seats left in the bus – which is fortunate since we get them and the next few passengers get on the bus but will have to stand for the next 45 minutes ride to the main city in Galapagos – Puerto Ayora.


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