Strange costumers at the fish shop

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When we walk around Puerto Ayora there is one spot we kept going back to. Down at the water there are a small harbor where the fishing boats will land their catch. Right in front of the harbor is a small fish shop where they prepare the catch of the day for the costumers going to shop for some fish.

A line of pelicans and sealions waiting at the fish shop in Puerto Ayora

In some ways this shop is similar to many other fish shops around the world where the catch from the local fishermen is sold to the people of the city. This shop has the normal kind of costumers walking around on two legs getting a fish to take home to fry for dinner. But they also have different costumers hanging around the get a free meal.

Sealion walking up to the fish market

Every time we get down to the shop there are at least one sealion hanging around at the shop trying to get some scraps instead of actually catching the fish themselves. There is also a selection of pelicans standing in front of the shop every time there are some people in the shop preparing the fish.

Bird catching the fly at the fish shop

The special clientele ensures we spend a lot more time observing this fish shop than any other fish shop we have ever seen around the world.

In addition to the pelicans hanging around the shop there are also some birds flying above the shop. We spot both frigate birds and some boobies flying above.


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