Long wait at the airport

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We get up early to go to the airport. We have booked the ride to the airport for 6 in the morning. But unfortunately it seems to be running a bit late – fortunately the ride arrives at about 5 minutes after 6 so we hopefully make it in time at the airport.

We are helped by the fact there isn’t much traffic on the way to the airport this morning so the drive to the airport is faster than we had expected. We arrive 3 hours before our departure to Galapagos. It sounds a bit long in advance for something which supposedly is a domestic flight. But you need to buy some sort of entry card to go from the mainland of Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands.

Yesterday we were told we should expect a long line somewhere in the domestic terminal. So obviously we are looking for the long line so we can get in line to get the access pass. We cannot see the line anywhere in the terminal – but we see a sign in front of a booth saying access to Galapagos. So we jump up there asking where to find the access permit for Galapagos. The man in the booth isn’t happy with us getting in there saying we need to go around the corner where there is a woman sitting inside the booth without anything to do. It turns out we are supposed to buy the entry permits from her. It only takes a few minutes to get the entry permit and then we can proceed to the actual check in counter for the plane. Fortunately the check in is open – probably because they are also checking in for an earlier departure. We manage to check in and get the boarding passed and now we have a bit more than two hours to get security control before the departure. It doesn’t take long to go inside the airport area and we can spend the next couple of hours eating breakfast and relaxing.

The flight to the islands start out with a 55 minutes leg which takes us to Guayaquil where the plane touches down and most of the passengers leave the plane. We stay in the plane and the stewardesses make sure we are actually supposed to continue to the Galapagos. After they establish the remaining few passengers actually are supposed to stay onboard they start boarding a load of extra passengers going from Guayaquil to the Galapagos. After a sort layover we take off and we are on the way to the enchanted islands.

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