Getting back in time for dinner with a view

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We leave the birds in Mindo behind and head back to Quito. The way to Quito takes us up the hill – and while going up the hill weather changes a lot. Down in the low land around Mindo it was clouded but dry – up on the ridge above Mindo it is raining. So the drive back to Quito isn’t all that pretty – it is wet and a bit dark.

When we get closer to Quito the weather change from rain to sunny and dry. We get to the city – or more precisely the bus station far away from the center where our hotel is located. So we get out of the bus and into a taxi and then it is off to the hostal in the center of the old town of Quito.

We didn’t leave all that early from Mindo and with the long taxi ride from the outskirts of Quito we arrive a bit late at the center of town. So there isn’t much time for last minute exploration – we just have a quick look around and buy a few supplies for the next day. And then we head for a restaurant just behind the central square. The Vista Hermosa is a nice restaurant but the best part of eating here is the view of the city which we enjoy before during and after the meal.

Then we get back to our hotel – where we meet a couple who are going to Galapagos the next day – just like we are. Apparently we are going on the same plane. They tell us some disturbing things about how much time we may have to allocate for getting our access pass for the islands and there might be a long queue waiting to pay for the pass. So we move our departure the next morning up by an hour – now leaving at 6 in the morning. Considering the early departure we better get packed tonight and get ready for an early night.

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