Heading to the museum island

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We head to the Kungsträdgården station one more time – it seems like no matter where we want to go in Stockholm we go to this station. From here we need to catch a tram going to another small island with a lot of museums.

As we try to walk to the tram stop we get distracted by a group of people marching on the street. They are dress in old style clothing and have some musical instruments as well. It turns out there is some sort of folk dancing exhibition going on in the old town today.

We are not going to Gamla Stan again so we let the folk dancers pass us by and walk to the tram stop. We get a tram to take us to the museum island Durgården. We are not the only ones going so the tram is cramped. We get out just at the Vasa museum to go and see the famous old ship inside the museum. We thought we would go from this museum to the old outdoor museum of the old buildings from all over Sweden called Skansen. Skansen is apparently the oldest museum of its kind and should be pretty good. But it is raining so we decide not to go wondering outside for the afternoon.

We go for a long and nice lunch at the Sprit Museum instead they do have an excellent little restaurant with a great view out over Stockholm’s small island. Next to the museum is some old ships – some of the old ships are part of a free maritime museum which you can visit on the way and go onboard the ships.

We walk back out of the island where we see a blue gate at the entrance to the island. The blue gate used to be part of a fence of the island which was used like a royal hunting ground close to the city of Stockholm.

We could go explore the old town one more time. But the rain has started a bit again so we decide just to go and pick up our bags from the hotel and go to the airport early. Unfortunately our plane turns out to be delayed so we spend a very long time in the airport.

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