Nordic Cooking at it is best

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The restaurant located in Copenhagen old town with a cobble stones street and surrounded with many sights.  So ladies, please do not wear your high heels when you are visiting the old town, so you can have trouble free with those cobble stones.  It is advisable to book a table in advanced to avoid disappointment, as this place is quite popular and full most nightly.  There is different time slot for dinner you can choose from the website depending of what time you would like to dine or maybe depending of what time the restaurant has table for you.

We only able to reserve a six-o clock dinner for the duration of 3 hours from the website.  We come on time but unfortunately no staff to greet us when we arrived.  The kitchen staff was busy preparing for the night and the host was nowhere to be seen.   Finally, he came from upstairs and confirming our reservation then lead us to the table at the back corner with privacy.  After that one girl come over and bring us water and menu. 

The restaurant itself quite quirky and simple with Nordic design.  The table was very simple like an old school table but nicely decorated with fresh flowers and painting on the wall. There is a small candle on each table to create a romantic atmosphere.

We decided to have their 6 courses tasting menu and wine matching for Mickey and juices for me.

The service was good since it was still not many guests in the premises.

Apparently, the tasting menu is not included snacks.  We have to pay DKK 200 (€30) per person extra for 3 different snacks and one glass of champagne.  We decided to skip this and just have the tasting menu.

The drinks and bread arrived together.  I do love the sourdough bread provided, it was warm, smooth and has a very good texture.  I wish I could take it home with me since the place provided free flow of bread.  No… I didn´t take the bread home since I do not bring a big bag, otherwise maybe…….

The first dish of green asparagus with Danish peas and raw salmon was delicious. It was light and refreshing since everything was served raw and the sauce was yummy.

Next the simple dish of Danish new potatoes and rygeost was my favorite for the night.  Oh my God… this dish was really good. It was warm, tasty and everything was right.  I could eat one more bowl of this.

Then we have a fried cod with fresh flowers and browned butter.  The cod was very smooth and nice; however, I notice in the middle of the fish, it was not really cook and kind of raw. I was a bit afraid get food poising and luckily both of us was okay and have no problem at all.

We rest a bit before the next dish of beef tartar for Mickey arrived and raw beetroot for me as substitute of the beef.  To be honest this is the worst dish of the night. It looks very simple and not much taste on it.  I wish they could substitute the meat with other meat or fish and not vegetarian.

For the main course we have grilled lamb with wild garlic and fermented gooseberries.  It tastes good and the lamb was tender and both of us really enjoyed the meal.

Finally, we have fresh strawberry with lemon and vanilla ice-cream for our dessert.  Unfortunately, it was not the best dessert we have in this kind of restaurant.  However, we do notice, most of the Michelin restaurants was lack in talent in the dessert department.

We do enjoy the meal, as it was good Nordic cooking and fun to have someone cook for me once in a while.   If you choose ala carte menu, probably best to have dessert somewhere else, for example at “La Glaze” or “Norden Café” as they do serve really good cakes.

Marv & Ben
Snaregade 4
1205 København K

Tlf.: +45 23 81 02 91


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