Indulgence in the middle of old town

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The cake shop was opened in Copenhagen old town in 1870 and has been owned by the same family for 6 generations.  The furniture is original from the 1890s and the interior is from the 1924, which creating a historic ambiance and transport you back to the old time.

Unfortunately, this place does not take any reservation as it is very popular with local and tourist who visited Copenhagen.  Basically, it served first come first basis and you might have to queue for a long time.  You will need to place an order in the counter and then pay it before you can get the goodies.  The staff will bring it to you. No number given but somehow, the staff will get the cakes to you.

In summer time, they place the chairs outside the shop so guests can do people watch and enjoy the weather and help shortened the queue a bit.

The cakes selection was good, plenty to offer and to choose depending of your taste.  Price wise, it is similar with another café in the old town.

This time I have an “efterårs” cake which means an autumn cake, made from a rich chocolate truffle with a chocolate bottom and decorated with chocolate leaves.  The chocolate was very dense and taste really delicious.  For some reason, the staff mixed my tea order.  I love early grey and order it in the counter, however the staff give me some herbal tea. Maybe the staff do not understand it when I speak Danish, who knows.

Mickey has ‘Stjernekræs’ cake which means star crunch and the cake won a silver award at the cake competition in 2009.  The cake consists of hazelnut and almond praline with a luscious layer of apricot on a crushed chocolate base. It is decorated with the World Out games 2009 insignia – orange stars.  He has coffee to accompany his cake.   We can have the tea and coffee refill for free.

If you are in Copenhagen, this place is nice to relax and get your energy back before sightseeing.

Conditori La Glace

Skoubogade 3, Copenhagen

Phone: +45 33 14 46 46



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