Walking along the island shores

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We start wondering along the streets of the area called Blasieholmen – from here there is a good view across the water to the old town of Stockholm. There are a few large buildings here along the water including the Grand Hotel which certainly has significantly higher rates than the one we are staying at a bit out of the center.

We get to the end of this small island and cross the water on a bridge called Skeppsholmen Bridge with a big crown on the railing, the bridge leads to a small island with the same name. Out here on this little island are a collection of museums so we could spend the rest of the day exploring some of these – but the weather is just too good today to stay inside so we decide to explore the small island instead.

There are some nice buildings at this small island and down at the water is a big old ship which apparently has been turned into a pretty charming hostel – I guess this place is the cheapest place to spend a night with a view like this to the old town anywhere in Stockholm.

We get to the end of the island and cross a short bridge to an even smaller island called Kastelholmen. The top of the island is dominated by a small building which is supposedly is an old an old fortress. There is a great view from the top of the island where you can see across the water to a bigger island which houses some of the most important museums of Stockholm like the Vase Museum and the old open air museum Skansen plus the more modern ABBA museum and an amusement park which seems to attract quite a few visitors on this sunny day. We walk down the hill to the end of the island – it didn’t take long to walk from one end to the other end of this island it is really tiny. At the end of the island is a fairly large old sailing vessel which you supposedly can rent if you are a group and want a little daytrip on the water of Stockholm.

Down at the boat the island ends – and there are no more islands to explore south of this one so we turn around and walk through the old houses on the island back to the short bridge we crossed to walk back to the bigger island. The weather is still sunny so we stay outside and skip the museums. Down on the other side of the islands are a lot of old boats along the shore. It is some sort of collection of historic boats which has been transformed into pleasure boats and house boats where a lot of people seem to live judging by the many mail boxes collected on the harbor. I guess people can’t build houses on these islands to live so they use the boats along the shore instead to enjoy the view.

We have been walking along the city all day without actually going to the oldest and most famous part of the city. we have enjoyed the view of the old town from the other islands but I guess it is time to have a look around in the old town with the big square and a lot of small streets one of which are extremely narrow.

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