The Oldest Restaurant in the world

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Rumour has it that this restaurant is the oldest in the world and it is listed in Guinness Book of Record.  Unfortunately, when I check for the oldest restaurant in the world, it come up with different name.  However, the year was younger than this restaurant.  So I assumed it is true, this restaurant is the oldest in the world which was build and opened since the 1722.

The bar

Den Gyldene Freden means the Golden Peace, and it has been frequently by the Swedish Academy where it is members meet to decide the winners of the Nobel Prize.

The bar

The building and the architecture are really old and unique example of the 18th century tavern.  It has a wood hard floor and stonewall with old table covered with white napkin and candle light.  I immediately feel in love with the cavern style dining room.  It was beautiful sight to behold and enjoy.


We were lucky able to get a seat at the bar since we come without any reservation due to our friend want to eat at different restaurant.  If you would like to dine here, please book in advanced, as this place is really packed.

Bread and beer

The service was really good, and they look after us well.  After we were seated, we get our drinks and bread immediately, and menu card given.  The menu does not have much selection; however, it was sufficient.  Mickey ordered the famous Swedish meat balls and I ordered salmon.

Oh my…. The Swedish meat balls looks very nice and the smell…. It was really delicious, and my mouth was watering just from the smell of it.  The taste was heavenly.  It was the best meat balls I ever eat.  It was accompanied with pickled cucumber, lingonberries, cream sauce and potatoes puree.

I am jealous with Mickey´s food since my salmon was kind of strange.  The salmon was cold and raw – sashimi type.  It was okay but I expected a cook salmon.  It was accompanied with very yummy and tasty potatoes. 

Potatoes for the salmon
Mashed potatoes for the meatballs

After that we have a Chocolate glazed mud cake, whipped cream and buttermilk ice cream.  Oh boy….the cake was fantastic.  It would not disappoint.

If you are in Stockholm and want to have a good meal, you can go to this place.  It is a bit expensive compare with other restaurants, but the food itself justified it is price.

Den Gyldene Freden

Österlånggatan 51, Stockholm
T: +46 8 249760



  1. WOW! What an experience!! The oldest restaurant in the world- I truly savored this post. The food & drink all looked wonderful. Although, I do agree- a bit odd about the salmon dish coming out like sashimi, I would not expect that either. Thank you so much for sharing!

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