Getting lost in a parade

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We are meeting some friends from abroad in Stockholm so we had decided on meeting at a place which would be reasonable easy for all of us to find. We decided on the square in front of the Swedish parliament right at the bridge to the royal palace. It turn out it was a fairly good choice for a meeting point since we all manage to find the spot without any problems.

Police horses in front of the royal guard

We hang out here in front of the palace for a while and suddenly we hear music in the distance. It is the royal guard playing and marching towards the palace from somewhere in the city. The royal guard are dress in blue and have some riding police in front of them and we can see them marching around the royal opera. There are a couple of different bridged they can use to go across either one a bit away from where we stand or the actual bridge we are standing on.

Musicians of the royal guard

After waiting for a while we see the guard is marching pass the other bridge so they will clearly come on the bridge we are standing at. It takes a while for the guard to arrive – they are not marching at a high speed. The guard march across the bridge and the cars has to stop at the side of the road – fortunately the bridge is fairly wide so the marching soldiers can get by even though they are marching a few side by side.

We decide to follow the guards towards the castle – but this turns out to be a bit of a problem because it doesn’t take more than a few seconds before our friend’s falls behind and we get separated. We follow the guard for a while and then walks back to try to spot our friends – they are now long gone so and nowhere to be seen. We walk around the area but it is pretty packed by now so it might turn out to be a surprisingly short meet up.

Soldiers of the royal guard

Finally we head for Stortorget – the main square where there are lots of cafes with wifi and try to get in touch. It turns out they were standing somewhere in the royal courtyard without us being able to spot them and they manage to find us at the café.


    1. It is – this parade really shouldn’t have come as a surprise since it coming at noon everyday or at least every weekend. We just didn’t pay attention to the time.


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