Wondering a collection of islands

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We have a morning flight to Stockholm from Copenhagen – the flight is only a bit over an hour and we spend the time carefully studying the inflight magazine – just to check out if there is anything interesting in it for a change. We manage to spot page 136 – it takes a while to read it but not the full hour of flying.

Opera House

We arrive at Arlanda – which unfortunately is nowhere near the center of the city so we have to decide on mode of transport. Taxi is an option which is only slightly more expensive than the high-speed train to the center – which tells you more about the price of the train ticket than the taxi. We decide to go for the slower option of taking the bus to the central station and then get a tunnel train from there. It is a quick trip to the hotel and fortunately we can check in right when we arrive even though it is pretty early in the day.

We head back on the subway to go and explore the center of Stockholm a bit for the day. We arrive at Kungsträdgården station there is actually a bit of an art exhibit down here at the station so we take a quick look at the art before we take the long escalator up to the surface.

We get out at a big square called Gustav Adolf’s Torg named after a Swedish king. It is a pretty square with a lot of nice building around the square including an old princely palace and on the other side of the palace is the royal opera of Sweden. Across the square on the other side of a little river is another island – over there is the parliament of Sweden and just across on yet another island we can spot the big royal palace which apparently is the biggest building of this kind in the world which is still used by a royal family.

Royal palace

We have a reservation for lunch in the Opera Bar which is located in the opera house so we are pretty close to where we need to be for lunch – but we are a bit early so we decide to spend the time exploring the area around the opera house.

Next to the opera house is a small river and a few boats down there which go to different destinations – I guess you really ought to get out on the water during a visit to Stockholm but for some reason we end up missing a trip on the water. We walk to a park next to the opera house which goes all the way down to the water – here is a selection of different tulips in large pots dominating the entrance to the park. They do look pretty nice and it is good to spot these spring flowers of different varieties.

The rest of the park isn’t all that nice – there is a lot of construction going on along one side of the park and it seems like the flowers doesn’t really think it is spring up here in Stockholm so they haven’t come out yet.

There are a nice church next to the park with bright red colours and a few other nice buildings in the area. We haven’t walked very far but we have walked pretty slowly so time has passed and it is time to make it back to the opera house for a nice Stockholm lunch.

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