Frejatravels featured in Norwegian magazine

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One of the things we always end up doing during a holiday seems to upload a bunch of photos to Instagram – not really knowing who is following there and not really expecting anything to happen.

This was also the case during our trip to Malta – on a sunny day in Marsaxlokk. There are so many pretty boats in the harbor and we uploaded some of the pictures.

The original photo from the harbor

When we came home a random man named Omar send a message claiming he wanted the photo for Norwegian Flight Magazine. We hadn’t contacted anybody about the photo so to be contacted like that out of the blue felt a bit odd. His email address didn’t say Norwegian or anything like that so we had out doubts about him – but a quick google searched turned out the address was actually for Norwegian flight magazine and there was indeed an Omar working at the place.

Cover of Norwegian flight magaizne May

So we wrote back and he asked for a high resolution version of the photo and said it would be in Norwegian magazine for April. April arrived and no photo in the magazine. Then suddenly in May a letter arrived from the UK with a copy of Norwegian magazine – and right there on page 136 was the photo of the boat in the harbor of Marsaxlokk.

Page 136

If you fly Norwegian you might risk finding the pockets empty since we grabbed a few extra copies on our recent trip to Stockholm.


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