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I tried to book it is older sister restaurant (Operakallaren – with one Michelin star) one month before we depart, unfortunately no seat available so I must settle with the little one.

Outside the restaurant

The place has a rave review and it is a classic hang out for more than 100 years by artists and intellectuals.  The interior is beautiful with glass cover ceiling mix of Art Nouveau design.  It is located next to the Opera house.

The place itself quite small and noisy with many people. You do need to book in advance if you want to go here as it was really packed, and we were lucky able to get a seat inside.

The food smell around the other table was delicious and make my tummy rumble.  The staff was courteous and friendly.  We were offer drinks immediately.  Not long after, a basket bread arrived, and we can pick what bread we like from the different selection.  Unfortunately, the starter menu was not that great and we couldn´t find anything we want to try.

So we just order the main.  I have pike fish with lobster sauce with additional avocado salad.  Mickey has steak and also additional avocado salad.  Oh boy.. the food was good, the fish was tender and the lobster sauce was amazing.  I need to find the recipe now so I can try it at home.

After that I have chocolate brownie with ice cream for dessert.  My .. my… Mickey was soo greedy and eat most of my dessert.  Come on man…. Eat your dessert….He order the meringue cake with raspberry.

I tried a bit and to be honest, my dessert was far superior to his.  No wonder he eats my dessert.

All in all… it was a very good and delicious lunch. 

Karl XII:s torg, Box 1690
103 22 Stockholm

+46 8 – 676 58 00


  1. This all looks so yummy!! I had to look up the other restaurant you mentioned too. I was scouring the menu- everything is making my mouth water. It would be dangerous for me there because I have no idea how the US dollar translates! Thanks for sharing. Always love your gastronomical adventures.

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