The Hidden Restaurant

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Just remember….  If you are lost on the way there….. you are heading on the right direction.  The staff actually waiting for guests outside the main street to make sure we are not lost and then lead us inside the elevator toward the restaurant.

The elevator to the restaurant

From outside, the restaurant looks very run down and full of graffiti. It was kind of strange with a blast of loud music from practice room next door. I was wondering, where my best buddy takes me too.  Is this one Michelin restaurant???

Anyhow, after we come out from the graffiti elevator, we faced a door with graffiti as well.  When the staff open the door, we see another beautiful wood door which lead to an elegant, romantic and beautiful restaurant with candle light.

The kitchen

Our table facing the garden in the courtyard which look really nice and relaxing.  The staff are friendly and very accommodating.  Love the attention showed by the staff.   Not long after seated, our drink arrived and the staff ask if we have any allergy, and then the food come on the table.

The first snack of mushrooms chip was nice, crispy and settle in taste. To my surprised the fire roasted beetroot with cheese was delicious, and the razor clam croquette was divine.

The snacks

After that we have a warm milk bread with apple bacon butter.  I love the bread. It was very nice, and the butter was kind of strange but delicious – it tastes like an apple – a bit sour and creamy.

Bread and butter

The first course for me was a crispy cauliflower top with honey and onions glaze top with mix green which has been fermented, roasted, and some were fresh from the garden.  Mickey gets a sweet bread for his first course.

The food timing was perfect. We were eager to taste more.  The second dish was Danish peel squid which shaped like noodles and actually taste like noodles.  The sauce was really delicious.  Unfortunately, the portion was very small.  My mind starts wondering – how many dishes will we have?? Will it be enough?? I start looking at the photos at my phone and counted how many dishes we already had. Oh boy…… we might go home hungry from this place.


A big plate with a tiny fish and grilled carrot come to the table.  Shame the food portion was really tiny as it tastes very delicious.

Small fish

Finger cross we still have the main and not dessert.    We were anticipating what we will have since I did not know the menu and the staff did not show the menu on the table either (it was only set menu).  When the staff laying the cutlery with a big steak knives, both of us happy, since we will have more food.  We have Iberico pork with winter truffle and pear.  It looks yummy but the pork meat it self was hard to bite.  Probably they cook it too long in the oven, it was not that nice to eat.

Iberian pork

Lastly, we have milk ice cream with roasted citrus.  Shame this dessert was not the best either.  The citrus taste bitter, so it was not that nice to eat mix with the sweet ice cream.

Icecream and citrus

Before we go home, we have chocolate macaron for our last dish.


As I have no expectation of the food, I found that some food is good, and some is not so good. However, the environment and the location of the restaurant itself really interesting to see and experience.

You find the Alouette restaurant a bit outside the center of Copenhagen at Sturlasgade 14p, 1. It is a bit difficult to reach unless you have a bike and are familiar with the area so a taxi might be the easy option to get there.


    1. Mikla is a great restaurant – I am sure you will love it and the Turkish wines are surpisingly good as well. Hopefully you get there early so you can enjoy the view from the restaurant and then later the lights of Istanbul.


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