The small town in the olive province

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We head up north from Granada. Driving through the Jaen province it quickly become clear why this province is so famous for its olive oil. It looks like every three in this province is an olive tree with no other trees anywhere in sight – and not much else to see on the fields either. Not surprisingly olive oil features prominent in the meals we are getting in this province – to an extent it might even be a bit much.

We arrive at a small town called Baeze. The city is pretty small with less of 20,000 inhabitants. The city if really quite but it has a lot of old attractive houses so there is actually surprisingly much to see for such a small place.

The main square has got a lot of restaurants sitting along it and seems to be the main entertainment area of the town – the square is pretty and is located just in front of the old town. We have a look around the small square and try to check out some of the eating options for the night at the same time.

Then it is time to head inside the old town with its narrow streets. There are many old buildings and there isn’t many tourist or locals for that matter – so we go and explore almost undisturbed. When we look around the town there are a few old buildings which looks really interesting and have open doors – it seems like an invitation to look inside so we do just that.

The houses seem to be in use for different educational purposes so we can go in and have a look. There are some people inside the houses but they seem to be happy anybody is interested in the old buildings so they are happy for us to have a look around inside. It is nice to see the buildings with the inner courtyard and old staircases leading up to the second floor.

We continue the tour around the city and gets to the biggest attraction of the town – a bit cathedral and the university of the city. The university is surprisingly big for such a small town – it kind of indicates the town must have been fairly important in the old days.


  1. Spain is the world’s leading producer of olives and is by a long way the country with the highest number of olive trees (more than three hundred million), is nowadays the world’s leading olive and olive oil producer and exporter and is the world’s leading producer of table olives, which explains why cafés and bars are always so generous with a plate of olives to accompany every drink.

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