The cathedral of Murcia

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The city of Murcia was reconquered from the Muslim rules in the middle of the 13th century – but it took another century and a half before the people of the city started the construction of the magnificent cathedral they have today.

The initial construction was started in 1385 and it took until 1467 before the cathedral was finally finished as a great gothic cathedral. I guess the local powers of latter day were not happy with the appearance of the gothic cathedral. So they changed the façade of the building into a baroque façade and added a giant tower to the church as well. Hence the outside is in a completely different style compared to the inside of the church.

The church is located in the center of Murcia close by the river – so if you are actually wondering the fairly small center of old Murcia you will be bound to come across this cathedral. If you are walking by you might as well go inside since there are no entrance fee for the church so anybody can just drop in and enjoy the inside of the building.

When we went there really weren’t a lot of visitors inside the church – I guess there just weren’t that many tourists in town during our visit. So we could go and explore the church almost for ourselves and see the giant center nave of the church leading down to the alter.


    1. Thank you – it is all Down to the camera 🙂 I guess you are one of the few who have visited Murcia many times then. It is a nice town but doesn’t seem like it gets a lot of foreign guest.

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      1. Well all of Spain will take a very long time to explore – and you may never get through it all since they will probably find some new ruins and open a new tapas bar just when you think you have seen it all.

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