Real Casino de Murcia

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When you see a building with the name Real Casino – you kind of expect this establishment will focus on gambling and you will be at risk of leaving the place considerable poorer than when you went in. But that’s not the case with this place.

The house opened as a gentleman club in 1847 and later it has been completely restored and was reopened by King Juan Carlos in 2009.

The long hall after the entrance – looking back at the entrance room

When you visit you go in from the pedestrian street outside and into an impressive entrance room in Moorish style which is lavishly decorated. When you get here you can buy you ticket to go and visit and you get an audio guide so you can hear more about this amazing entrance room which is probably one of the most beautiful Moorish style rooms in Spain.

Glass roof

From the entrance room you go into a big hall which is impressive with several rooms along both sides of the hall. The first room you will go into is an old style library which is actually still used – there was a lot of people who were studying inside the library while we went in to have a look and take pictures – we tried to be quite – but I would still find it disturbing if I was the one trying to study while a series of tourist came in taking photos.

Opposite of the library we get into a big impressive room which is the ballroom of the casino. I guess the club can hold some nice parties for the members in this room.

There are several more rooms – and the audio guide did tell a lot of things about the different rooms. Unfortunately I have forgotten most of the information about the rooms – but they were generally pretty to look at.

There are also a restaurant in the Casino where you can go for dinner it is located in a big room – it is a fairly up market restaurant – but for some reason they seat people at some pretty tacky plastic chairs which really seems out of place for a building whit this upmarket style.


    1. It was very pretty – but I didn’t really have a haunted feeling when visiting. The history of the place isn’t all that scary or dark like some places around the world.


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