Where they salt the fish

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We drive out from Malaga in the morning along the coast of Andalusia – we drive for a while along the highways just a bit up from the coast. After a couple of hours drive we break the journey in a smaller town of Almunecar.

The town has a long history starting as a Phoenician settlement around 800 BC in the following millennia’s the town was a fairly important settlement for the rules which came and went. The romans expanded the city and added aqueducts to insure a secure water supply for the city.

The city is located close to the sea – so salt water has been easily available during the history of the town. The salt became a major industry of the people of the area and in a small park close to the water you can find the remains of an old salting factory where they made salted fish. The park seems to be a major place for entertainment in the city and when we went there in the middle of the day there was dancing going on at a stage where anybody could join in.

The salting area is just before the stage where you can see the remains from a little bridge they have constructed over the area. The ruins are fun to have a quick look at before we decide to head back to the car and continue along the coastal highways.


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