A quite town at the coast of Andalusia

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We arrive in Almeria which isn’t your average tourist town down at the coast in Andalusia – it doesn’t seem to have that many tourists so you can go and explore the old town in relative quite compared to the busier towns you find around the region. The city was the last stronghold of the republicans during the Spanish civil war so the city was bombed by the Germans helping out Franco. But most of the interesting sights of the city seem to have survived the bombings so the city is a pleasant place to go and spend a few hours.

It is a nice town to wonder the streets in the winter sun where you can actually sit outside at a small tapas bar and enjoy the sunshine while you have a bite to eat and a drink. We are not the only people who have gotten this idea – but all the other guest seems to be locals from the area having a Saturday drink after being out doing whatever they had to do for the Saturday.

The city is dominated by some nice squares which have got some pretty buildings surrounding the square and kids playing around the square – but once again tourist seems to be absent – what a good surprise for a visit.

The most interesting attraction in the city is probably the Alcazaba castle on top of the town where you can go around the garden and look at the old ruins from the Moorish time and the Spanish kings who replaced the Moors.


    1. I had a feeling it would be quite all year – but nice to know it is the case. Though I think I will skip it during the summer since it will be too hot to walk around exploring the area.

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      1. I am sure – once I travelled from Istanbul to Cairo in July and early August – never doing that again. I had only 5 days with maximum temperature below 40 for 5½ weeks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Freja! I’m actually going to Andalusia within 2 week to explore that part of Spain. Have been there but it was 20 years ago!! 😕 Right now I considering moving from Malta quite soon but there are so many places to go. Malaysia is the most preferably since we have an apartment in Kuching, but the problem is, I can’t bring my lovely dog there…

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      1. No, not poor dog, but if we moved to Malaysia I would say that 😉 She loves the climate in Malta which I guess is similar to Spain. In Malaysia, Borneo the temperature is almost the same year around but more rain in Dec-March.

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