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One of the advantages to live in beautiful Copenhagen Denmark (when it is sunny) is the food scene.

The entrance to PMY

There are soo many good restaurants scattered everywhere from the city centre until the far side out of town.  We are literally spoiled by choice, from the less expensive to the very best restaurant in the world.  The choice to dine is depend of how thick our pocket is and what we fancy to eat.

This time we try a fusion Latin American dish at “PMY”. The name comes from P for papa or potatoes, M for maize or corn and Y for yuca the main stables of the countries which food is served here . The restaurant is located in the city centre behind the Royal theatre.  This restaurant has been open for a while and have a rave review from many guests. So we decided to give it a go.

When we arrived there, the place is quite small with around 10-15 small tables which enough to accommodate 30 guests.  Our table was squash in between other table and it was very difficult to go inside as not much space left between the table.  Our seats were facing the open kitchen, so we can see the cook preparing the food.

Like a pisco sour

The staff was friendly, and drinks offer immediately.  The atmosphere in the restaurant was very relax and casual – it reminds us of our time in Cuba and Peru where we drank soo many mojitos.

The menu itself very limited and we have booked their set menu for the night through the internet.

The snack arrived shortly – which is Roasted tortilla with salsa.  It tastes delicious and wet our appetite for more.

The first dish of Cod fish marinated in lime and limo chili with roasted peanuts was not my favorite.  It was fresh but for me taste too sour.  Anyhow… It is just me…. I never like ceviche.  I tried several times when we were in Ecuador and Peru and I still do not like it.  Mickey said, it was okay and he savor everything on the plate.


We saw the next table order bread, and we decided to order as well to taste it.  The bread itself looks good, unfortunately it was cool. If it was warm, I am sure it would bring more flavor and taste better.  In my book bread should serve warm no matter what… (except the Danish smørrebrød), he..he..

Second dish was Aromatic mushroom soup with mote corn, and fresh vegetables with lime.   The portion was huge.  This is the first time I tried the Latin American soup. It was okay, but taste kind of strange with those big mote corn.

Mushroom soup

For the main we have the Venezuela – Braised pork shank with Cassava root & bell pepper chutney.  Ooh boy…. I do love this dish.  The skin was crispy, and the meat was soo tender and melt in the mouth. It was very yummy….. I probably would go back to this place just to get the pork shank as it is one of my favorite food.

Unfortunately, the fancy dessert of Pineapple cake, creme fraiche & brown butter was not that good. So my best buddy luck to eat my bowl.

By the time we finished dinner, I was full minus the effect of the mojito since I do not order it.  It was good value for money restaurant.


      1. I know I am , lived in 6 countries they make it look but change to local tastes not our cuisine need to go in country. Even in my little capital city near me we have them from many countries including Mexicans lol!

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      2. I know they change it somewhat – but this place is runned by a group of chefs of which a couple of chefs who work at one of the top restaurants in Peru who fly in when they change the menu to make sure everything is up to standard.

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      3. Yes its typical the French do it too all over the world and adjust to local market due to tastes but also product availability. When you have Peruvian ceviche and the fish from there needs to travel by boat to make it cheaper it end up not tasting the same. I know the cuisine very well and they have very good Peruvian restos in Paris too ::) same deal.

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      4. It has different ways to make it and even the fish type, but the taste of the fish is the same all over Peru. I did business there in high places and know the country well. But then again I just wanted to make the point that is all.

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