The castle of Trani

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When you go down to the water front of Trani you will see the big castle at the outskirt of the old town a short walk away from the harbor. The castle dominates the seafront of this part of the city where it was built to protect the harbor from attacks in the old day.

Courtyard of the castle

The castle was built between 1233 and 1239 by the German-Roman emperor Frederick II who builds many castles in this part of Italy during his reign. The castle was later increased and used as a prison in the 19th century.

Hall of the caslte

When you walk down towards the castle it looks pretty big and impressive from the outside so we decided to go inside and have a look around. When you go into the castle the first thing you see is the big courtyard and then you can walk up to the main castle.

The castle has got some pretty big rooms and the building is impressive – unfortunately the rooms are empty so you will need a lot of imagination if you want to know what the castle used to look like back in the day when it was an important castle of the area.

View from the castle

The lack of furniture or other decoration inside the castle leads to our visit becoming surprisingly short – I guess our imagination just wasn’t good enough to see what the castle used to be without the help from furniture or other explanations.

So we just took in the view of the large rooms, the courtyard and the outside view from the castle before heading back out to old town Trani.


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