The pointy hat houses of southern Italy

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I have seen many pictures of strange looking house in southern Italy shape a bit like an ice-cream cone. So when heading to the southern heal of Italy one of the must see places for me was to go and see these strange looking houses in person.

We drive down south and turn into a small valley called the Valle d’Itria and it doesn’t take long before we spot some of these houses on the different fields. We stop and take a few photos of the first of the houses and then we continue to the most famous little town in the area – Alberobello which apparently mean beautiful trees. We drive to the city using the gps – which doesn’t really take us anywhere near the cute houses. Instead we get to the cathedral of the town – which is conveniently located next to a restaurant and it is lunch time so we might as well go into the restaurant and have some food. After the lunch the restaurant owner points us in the right direction which is actually only a short walk down the main street from the cathedral.

Down at the end of the road we see many of these houses – which are called trulli – they spread up on the small hill above the more modern part of the city. Compared to the other place we have been so far on the this trip there was quite a few tourist in the small streets – not so many foreign most were from around Italy – it doesn’t seem like many foreign tourist make it down here to the very south of Italy.

We walk along a couple of the old streets to have a little look at the many houses on the hill before we head back down the hill to walk the short distance back to the cathedral before the meter run out and we risk a parking ticket.


    1. Sounds nice – I guess the town would be different at night time when the day visitors leave. Though I think 4 days for just this Little village sounds a bit long 🙂 For me I think one night would be perfect so you could see the town at night and in the morning as well.


      1. ok – using it as a base to visit the other Places nearby makes more sense than just wondering the streets of Alberobello for four days.


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